Saturday, November 3, 2012

Painting Gloves

I Love vintage gloves, especially a new- old pair that have never been worn. Even better, is when it is a soft washable doe skin pair such as these. They just don't make lovely gloves like this anymore.  I have been feeling the urge to paint more gloves recently. It's the perfect project to do in the afternoon after dinner, as I can set up a little TV tray and paint away while the huby watches his shows.  I really wanted to come up with a steam punk design that had not been done as yet.   I took inspiration from a lovely Egyptian scarab that was in full wing spread.   I played up the top of the wings mechanics in an almost bone like construction and painted in some detailed wings and jewels.  Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting and designing this pair.


  1. You have some amazing designs! I love the vaccuum tube necklace, and these gloves are incredible. Great job, and I'll definitely be following your posts!

    -Marissa Foss,

  2. These are beautiful - you have great concepts that come alive when you paint them.


  3. Beautiful Designs!
    I ordered some of your pieces...

  4. Such a creative masterpiece! You’ve turned this old pair of gloves into something both classy and useful! You have such an artistic mind! Anyway, where are you going to use this pair? I think this would make a nice gift on Mother’s day.

  5. You are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing your God given gift with the rest of us.