Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Second of Two types of faux enameling

Cloisonné has always been a weakness of mine. From the first butterfly pendant my mother gave me to the giant elephants on my mantel, I can't help but admire the lovely colors and shine.  I wanted the same look on my polymer clay jewelry. So when I started playing with steam punk design I had to incorporate the shimmer or cloisonné.  Heavily inspired by art deco is my first big experiment piece the dragonfly pendant.  Each section of the wing had to be carved out, textured, colored and finally glossed. another way is shown on the winged heart and the beetle's wings. I used a stamp to imprint the texture underneath. Do you think it looks like glass enamel? Do you want to learn how to do it? With enough response I will make a tell all tutorial.

First of Two types of faux enameling

I can't sleep so I Blog. I want to show some of my faux enamel pieces. First I want to say how much I love the look of true enamel jewelry. From cloisonné to the more resent enameled beads done by artisans such as Painting with fire art wear. I wish I had the income to afford such lovely luxuries. But out of necessity comes invention. I desire metal floral elements with pops of color that usually only enameling can achieve. But I have found away, I believe delivers the color and shiny look of glass enamel on copper without the need of torch or kiln. I have taken what is originally designed for scrap booking and made them into jewelry findings.  With the leaves I try to mimic the look of vintage copper when it turns all blue and green. The flowers I wanted vivid colors but not so much that you can't tell their is metal underneath. What do you think?  Want to know how? With enough response I will be happy to make up a free tutorial on how it's done.

Piggy Piggy Piggy

My daughter it turning eighteen in a few days. And at that age she has everything she could need. I-pod, clothes, trouble. So I've discovered in gift giving what seems to make her the most happy is not what I buy her, But what I make her. She loves pigs, I mean really love pigs. So I sketched out a cute pig design found some pig related goodies, that I will not go into detail on incase she actually does look at her moms blog, and beaded sewed and painted piggy's all last week. The box is wood and I am proud to show it off because it's so ridiculously cute. I had fun with felt and spent hours detailing out a little pig covering it with button whole stitches and love. I figure she can use it as a patch or make it into a key chain. She has at least twenty key chains for every key she owns. LOL you gota love teenagers

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free bead Monday is on Fire

Fiery colors swirling about and lick up the sides of beads. I'm giving away these polymer clay lentils and beads this week. Don't forget to comment on this post and I will announce the winner this weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I received my bead soup this morning

I received my bead soup this morning. Isn't it wonderful? I'm absolutely in love with the focal. I've already spent most the day wiring together floral inspired components to match.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free bead Monday is all about the pearly shine

Free bead Monday is all about the pearly shine
 Three lovely pendant beads for give away this week. Name will be chosen at random. Don't forget you have to comment on this free bead Monday post to win. I will contact the winner Friday for their address. Good luck and enjoy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does anyone want to learn to paint on leather shoes?

Does anyone want to learn to paint on leather shoes?
If there are any responses I will be happy to outline how to successfully paint on leather shoes. This is a great up-cycle project

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

I drew numbers, and number 9 it is. Sally Anderson won the free bead Monday give away.
I will be giving away free polymer clay beads I have made every Monday, so check back and comment on Mondays free bead post.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

cutsy character purse

Can't sleep again so I decided to put the finishing touches on an up-cycled purse I've been working on. I started out with a small hard plaid purse with a ripped handle, a thrift store find for 1.25.  Since the purse was covered in fabric I was able to paint over it. To get rid of the plaid I painted two layers or light gray, than a matalic silver.  When painting a grouping of cutsy characters always start with the biggest and work forward. For example I started with big purpleand pink hearts them moved to the larger sun,rainbow, ice-cream cone, and orange circle. From there it was stars, candies, popsicles and animals. Last are all the little hearts that fill up any large blank spaces. Save painting the black outlines and faces till the last otherwise you will waist allot of time on details that could be covered up with other images.  I have to say I wonder what the neighbors thought of me on the front porch sealing this little purse with acrylic spray paint at 11:00 pm.  .  I think I need to make some cute heart and star beads from clay for the handle.

Wow I am so impressed

Wow I am so impressed with the amount of followers and response I received on the free beads. Thank you all for taking time to come and see me. I will still take comments until 7:30 am tomorrow and anounce the winner.

JSA for my husband

I love kokeshi dolls. So when I was walking the craft isles last year I saw all these cute little wooden boys. I originally was going to paint up some kawai girls but as it was about to be our anniversary so I decided to make the JSA for my husband. Little did I know the JSA would be followed by JLA, Legion, Teen Titans and various Avenger heroes.  Still growing in collection, I refuse to update costumes to the new One Restart and instead tend to go for the more classic looks.  But Karate kid still has a pop collar, because the kicks are only as high as the collar.  Now you know the nerd that hides within me.

 Kokeshi (こけし, kokeshi?), are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan. They are handmade from wood, have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face. The body has a floral design painted in red, black, and sometimes yellow, and covered with a layer of wax. One characteristic of kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms or legs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cleaning my craft room

It's nearly two and I am just now done running all the errands and the basic chores. My next project isn't going to be so much of a craft as cleaning my craft room. The very first room in the house which was originally a small livening room has been taken over by my arts and craft supplies.  Paintings staked in the corner, book shelves overflowing with boxes, and craft tables covered in whatever I started and never took the time to put up after. Even the storage closet won't shut all the way. So here are the before pictures and hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a clean organized craft room. Cross my fingers and hope I don't get distracted.  Wish me luck

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up too early this morning and already playing with clay

Up too early this morning and already playing with clay.  I made molds from scrap clay of some carved pendants and tried then out. They release well as long as I wet them down before impressing the clay. And when making a polymer clay mold do not forget to rub a liberal amount of corn starch on the clay facing the object before you press around it. Also I loved the little cherry blossoms I made before and decided to create a few more.  Now that I've been up a few hours and done my chores I think I'll go back to bed again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

extreme couponing adventure

So awesome, I watched extreme couponing and thought no way, but I will dedicate a few hours and see.  So I went to The krazy coupon lady web site and checked it out. I decided to just go to one place, Walgreens its close and there was even a detailed layout on how to get 55.00 in merchandise for less than 5.00.  the only problem was it needed coupons from past Sunday circulars I did not have . So I followed the links to printing coupons online and printed off about 25 coupons of things I actually use. checked out the circular from Walgreens and searched for manufacture coupons on sale items, clipped yesterdays paper coupons, and believe it or not I purchased 56.00 in products I will actually used for only 17.00/ four bags of toiletries and groceries. And I have vouchers for 8.00 towards my next purchase. I am now a coupon addict!
Free bead Monday yeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
I've chosen 8 long polymer clay goodies for free give away, they are un-pierced so pull out your trusty dremmel or wire wrap these pretties.  I will chose a post at random so make sure to check back Friday for the winner. Here's an example of one way I have used theses long focals. Have fun

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free bead Monday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Free bead Monday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
This is just a taste of the hundreds of beads I have waiting in the jars and dark drawers of my craft room. All of them want to come out into the sunlight and receive some much needed love.  I will be picking a few matching pieces from this plate Monday and posting them on the blog tomorrow.  You must post on tomorrows free bead entry to win the beads. I pay for all shipping.  I will choose a poster at random to win. So look back tomorrow.

Very edgy and slightly Goth.

Sorry about my absence from the last few days, I have had a hectic schedule and a ten hour emergency room visit that turned out luckily to just be a waste of time.  Everything's great and I was able to even create three lovely necklaces today. I made lilies from polymer clay and wrapped them on copperized aluminum and copper wire. Peacock black pearls hang from thin copper chains and leather is wrapped in wire. A few twists and curly q's and we are pretty as a flower. Very edgy and slightly Goth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

blatant advertisement for my ETSY account

Well I was once again taken down by a nap, this time it was just pure heat exhaustion. I don't have air-conditioning in the car and didn't think it would be a big deal since it was relatively cooler today at just 95 degrees, no kidding that cool for here since we have had 115 highs. But after I got home and finished a few chores, it was pass-out time. Next thing I knew my husband was home from work and asking what was for dinner. So today I am going to do some blatant advertisement for my ETSY account.

Genea is going to recive these free beads

Genea is going to recive these free beads for being the first person to post on mondays bead give away . Check back each Monday as I am going to continue giving out my lonely little orphaned beads each week. They need some love and time outside the jars.
So today I had to force myself to get out. I have a tendency to isolate, where I just don't want to leave the house or be seen in public. A big part of it is the fear that I will have a panic attack in public, which is very embarrassing.  But Today I was determined to dress up, put on makeup, fix my hair, and go shopping. I have a tendency to plan out everywhere I go and have a set reason for being there. for example at Sepora in jcpenny they had a makeup brush on sale I wanted that was normally 38.00 and marked down to 11.00. Also at bath and body if you bring in a copy of sixteen magazines or the print out you get a free full size lotion of the new fragrance Paris allure. Then the real fun begins, HOBYLOBBY, crafters nirvana and pocketbook hell. They always have great sells and the metal gallery is 1/2 off, wires and cords 30 percent off. Look what all I got for around 28.00.  I love this aluminum wire with the copper affect and all the pretty antiqued chains.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I was attacked by a nap. It took me down for at least three hours. I'm also so excited about tomorrow when I get to pick up my sewing machine from the repairs shop. Yea sewing, I used to participate in the SCA but had to stop due to work. Now I hope to replenish my costumes and have fun dressing like a princess. On that note I made some coronets for friends and loved making then so much I had to make more. Many are for sale on etsy.

cute sugar sculls

So, besides my stubbed little toe I've had a good morning all my basic chores are done. All I have left is my craft for the day and my extra projects ,that include baking banana nut bread and a spinach quiche . I'm thinking about fall in hopes it will make me feel less of this heat wave and also what to get ready for etsy for the October harvest festivals. The first thing that popped into my head was cute sugar sculls. I want to make some from polymer clay and decorate them up. I'm trying to see how I would get that sparkly sugar color without the blatant use of glitter. Any ideas?  And I found the most awesome sugar scull pastries on etsy check them out

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

For my swap partner in Bead Soup Blog Party, look forward to this coming your way.  Hope you will enjoy and look forward to seeing what pretty thing you will make.

This is what happens when I can't sleep.

Racing thoughts often keep me up at night, sometimes I take a happy pill and some nights I clean like a mad women but occasionally I have the over whelming need to craft. So, last night I finally finished a piece I had been playing with and putting down forever. I love Red coral, but to be environmentally conscious I decided to make my own branch from polymer clay.  I created the main focal by smoothed out coils of red clay wrapped around a wire armature. Pretty cultured pearls dangle from the limbs and a cacophony of vintage and new beads hang on multiple chains.  Pretty shells that are drilled with my trusty dremmel are hung with chain fringe. And the connector is a lovely pearly shell that I drilled to hang a large wire loop inside to connect everything together (to stabilize the loop I stuffed the shell with a mixture of soft paper fiber and glue).  I used antique silver, gold, and copper chains in different patterns to further add character. I'm happy with this piece and look forward to test driving it (wear it out).

Free wild rose beads

Ok, today I'm going to start something new, and hopefully make a new tradition. The first person to comment on this blog entry will receive the wild rose beads shown above for free. They were made for the abp July completion piece shown below and I was honored to be the featured artist.  Be the first post and email me at with your address and they will be on the way as soon as I have confirmed your address and post. Please be so kind and let me see what you do with them