Friday, September 16, 2011

My style has changed completely

Ever since I completed my bead soup project my style has changed completely, and I feel for the better. I have less fear of mixing materials, metals, and different mediums to create unique and dynamic works. I've began to incorporate ribbons, vintage finding, wire in more eccentric combinations.   I'm happy with this new turn and I hope you feel the same. Please comment and give constructive criticism.

 Also for the first time in years I am making earrings to compliment my new style of necklaces.

Many of my findings are from Nirvana jewelry supply and B'Sue boutiques
The incredable ribbons are from B'Sue as well .


  1. I love all these pieces. Especially the first one. Isn't it great how BSBP has pushed us to discover new ideas, ways to make things?

  2. beautiful neacklace & I like your photo, the layered background is lovely

  3. Love your designs and style!! Look forward to seeing more of your creations!!