Friday, September 9, 2011

One of my Secrets Revealed

Sorry I haven't finished the enamel tutorial as yet. It's been a crazy but good week. I will be working on it this weekend. In the mean time I would like to show off some steam punk hearts I have crafted lately and share one of my secrets. Notice how in deep areas around the gears it looks like resin, or for that case the whole piece looks coated in a shiny resin like sheen. Well guess what, it's not resin, its detail clear embossing powder. When polymer clay is uncured a thin coating of embossing powder will naturally adhere and when baked create a flawless thin protective coating. When applied thicker it will pool in crevices and mimic resin. The main difference is that the embossing powder will pull towards the edge of a frame making a concave puddle instead of a more converse or beveled surface like resin.  Play with embossing powder you will be surprised. Do not try to use a heat gun as it will blow all the powder away, instead with the oven open; place your piece  at least 6 inches from the heating element on low broil. It will only take a few seconds to melt so be ready to move it away from the heat with a trusty potholder or tongs. If the piece does not look completely melted or a bit cloudy around the edges give it another10-15 seconds.   Have fun and don't forget to take precautions when using and oven. Review the product you are using and follow any warnings about fumes est.


  1. Wow, what great secrets to share! Thank you. I learned a lot. The hearts are spectacular! I especially love the last one. Thank you again.

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