Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vacation anxiety

     You may not believe this, but in the 14 years I've been with my wonderful husband, we have not been apart for more than 48 hours, and even that was only once. So for my first vacation since I was in college, I am going out of town and leaving my husband at home for a whole week. I have serious pre separation anxiety. Part of me thinks it could be good for us. The whole the heart grows fonder thing. But when we are both even more in love with each other than when we married, I only think I will get really lonely.  I'm afraid I will not be able to sleep (so I packed sleeping pills). And I'm afraid I will have panic attacks and not get to enjoy myself (more pills for anxiety). But then I breathe in deep and tell myself it will be alright. I want to go see my family; it's been seven years since I've visited my mother and five for my grandfather. Although we are talking and texting all the time it's not the same. Also I really look forward to helping my mother knock off one on her bucket list. She has always wanted to go the Houston ren fair and see the fairy parade, her excitement is contagious, and we are both dressing up and going to run around like crazy children all weekend long.
                  I want to get in some great shopping. I've depleted all the thrift, salvage, antique stores in my area. I have one day a week I make myself leave the house and I do "my rounds". I'm so regular that most the employees and owners know me by name and tell me what they have got in I would like. It's good to go where everybody knows yours name. And since these stores and personnel are so familiar to me I find the outing less stressful and rarely panic attack inducing.   The good news about shopping on my vacation is I will not be alone. My mother will be on her scooter going faster than I can run to catch up and grab a pretty off the rack before she does. So all in all I'm excited, scared and hopeful about my first well deserved vacation in over a decade.  But I do wonder what my husband will do without me. We'll see
Wednesday: Fly into Dallas, moms picking me up for shopping
Thursday: Spend majority of day with Grandfather and help take him about town
Friday: 4-5 hour drive to Houston rest at hotel and maybe some sight seeing
Saturday: Early morning to get all dolled up for ren-Fair
Sunday: Drive back and recover at mom's house, Find time to visit my Father
 Monday: Help mother at her store setting up displays and the like and escape for local historic downtown Kilgore shopping
Tuesday: More grandpa time and Take mom to antique stores, Tyler, Longview, or Gladewater
Wednesday:  Early morning Dallas shopping and late evening fight back into Amarillo. Demand snuggle time from husband

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  1. Relax have fun and enjoy yourself, your hubby will be fine. You can always talk and texted each other.
    It is a breath of fresh air to hear that two people are more in love today then on their wedding day!