Saturday, October 22, 2011

wonderful new goodies

I had a great visit with my mother and grandfather in east TX. We decided not to go to the renaissance fair, both of us realizing it would just be too much. I feel I did good and only had a few panic attacks; they were far out wade with all the happy memories and smiles. Upon returning home I was overcome with the need to create from all my wonderful new goodies. Bless my mother; she drove me to every thrift and antique store in a 50 mile radius. And on top she, packed a box of beads and findings for me to take home.  I made four new pairs of earrings, a beautiful bracelet and painted a vintage pair of leather gloves.

The fun was creating them; the work was taking all the photos, luckily my kitten Chubs helped out. Isn't he cute?



  1. All of your pieces are very pretty. My favorite is the second pair of earrings.

  2. I am drooling over the bracelet in the 2nd photo.