Friday, November 11, 2011

from the thrift store comes inspiration

Not many of you might know what a thrift store fiend I am.  I love you GoodWill, and locally a women's shelter has five different thrift stores called thrift town, another great store is  called got junk. I isolate myself rarely leaving the house due to my panic attacks and depression but with help of my therapist I make sure I leave the comfort of my home at least once a week. And on that day I hit these three thrift stores. Taking breaks between to calm down and breathe in my car.  On these thrift store excursions I load up on crafting supplies. From vintage gloves, fabrics and jewelry comes many of my favorite creations. I adore ripping apart old outdated necklaces for the beads and chains and then putting them back together to create something unique and vintage modern. Here are two examples I made in the last few days. The mother of pearl dove was a goodwill find and carved in Bethlehem. Almost all my beads are pulled from vintage necklaces even the pearls. And the swallow on the heart necklace was from a thrift store find as well. Most of my chain is from reclaimed necklaces.  Not only does reusing salvaged jewelry parts make sure each piece is unique but it's also cost affective and a good up cycling practice.

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  1. Both necklaces are very pretty, but my favorite is the one with the mother of pearl dove.