Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still here
I apologize for the long vacation from blogging, but whoa have I been getting stuff done. Etsy has consumed me, eaten me up and spit me back out begging for more. Yep, I'm an Etsy addict.  I love you Etsy I'd recite you a poem but it would be either bad or bawdy. So instead I will say how great it feels to create something and have someone love it enough to pay real money for it. Money I promptly use to buy more crafting supplies on etsy. A vicious rewarding cycle of trips to the post office and awaiting the mail men in anticipation for my new treasures to arrive.  I've had some great weekend sales that have allowed me to bail the grocery money out of the slump and fill my coffers with brass findings and pretty beads. In the time between salivating over my new goodies, I have been creating new quality pieces and getting them up on Etsy. No small feat when I have had sporadic sun shine with the winter weather. I learned very quickly how important the indirect sun shine through my craft room window makes on my pictures.  I was warned the season was coming, Low to those such as I who did not heed the warning. Therefore I say to you all, check out my etsy site and good luck with your own.

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  1. The dragon fly necklace is beautiful. By far my favorite piece. :)