Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Not Sari

Please forgive my long absence from the blogging world.
I decided to start back with a quick example of how to create a ruffled wrist band from sari ribbon.  I love love love silk sari ribbon and use it often in my creations. I have been asked multiple times were I purchase and how I create my signature chokers. Here is a little taste of how I go about it all.

You will need
Sari ribbon.
Glue stick
and a sewing machine or embroidery thread for hand details
sari ribbon purchased from  lifestyleinspirations on Etsy

 First you have to have a good flat stiff silk ribbon to work with. Sari ribbon comes wrinkled.  I just soak the ribbons I have chosen in cool water for a second and begin to iron out the wrinkles.

Once that's done I can begin to decide how to stack up the colors. If a ribbon is too wide just snip the end and rip length wise, this gives a strait and frayed edge.
I use a glue stick, yes just a plain old school glue stick, to give me a temporary bonding agent between layers of silk. Glue sticks do not stain or discolor the fabric as long as they are used lightly. Just swipe the glue stack the fabric and run the iron over it for a second to dry the adhesive.  

For a ruffle, sew a long stitch on your machine and pull the bobbin thread tight working down the length to form a ruffle.  I like to then dip back in the water and iron down the ruffles. This gives me a flat surface to work with and a great texture to the fabric.

Finish off with decorative stitches. On this wrist band I selected an eyelet setting for two holes and sewed a corresponding long ribbon to the other side. Just thread through the holes for a custom fit.   If you don't have a sewing machine just pull out your embroidery floss and practice your fancy stitches, the glue will keep everything in place and works as a light stiffener to aid you while working.  Also consider adding beads and charms to the middle of your wrist band for added glamour.

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