Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Steampunk assemblage necklace and Tears

Today was an emotional roller coaster. I craft as a form of therapy for my depression, sometimes it is too much to even think about creating ,others I can't wait to get to work.  Today I wanted to work but was in one of my crying moods. I have to laugh about it know because the whole time I was creating this piece I had tiers streaming down my face. I had to turn off the radio because each time a sad or slow song came on I would just start bawling again. I have nothing to be sad about, it's just how my emotional whirlwind of a life roles.  In fact my husband has a love hate relationship with these days, he hates to see me cry, but he loves to make me laugh and see my giggle and cry at the same time.  Any way, here is what I created today from some incredible vintage and new metal findings. I love the middle, it is a vintage pin from and artist sample, the copper is aged and rough but the rhinestones still shine and sparkle.

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