Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Piggy Piggy Piggy

My daughter it turning eighteen in a few days. And at that age she has everything she could need. I-pod, clothes, trouble. So I've discovered in gift giving what seems to make her the most happy is not what I buy her, But what I make her. She loves pigs, I mean really love pigs. So I sketched out a cute pig design found some pig related goodies, that I will not go into detail on incase she actually does look at her moms blog, and beaded sewed and painted piggy's all last week. The box is wood and I am proud to show it off because it's so ridiculously cute. I had fun with felt and spent hours detailing out a little pig covering it with button whole stitches and love. I figure she can use it as a patch or make it into a key chain. She has at least twenty key chains for every key she owns. LOL you gota love teenagers