Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cleaning my craft room

It's nearly two and I am just now done running all the errands and the basic chores. My next project isn't going to be so much of a craft as cleaning my craft room. The very first room in the house which was originally a small livening room has been taken over by my arts and craft supplies.  Paintings staked in the corner, book shelves overflowing with boxes, and craft tables covered in whatever I started and never took the time to put up after. Even the storage closet won't shut all the way. So here are the before pictures and hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a clean organized craft room. Cross my fingers and hope I don't get distracted.  Wish me luck

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  1. It's so hard to keep a studio neat and tidy.

    I cleaned mine up a month or so ago for blog hop photos and a visitor. Within days of my visitor's departure, it was right back to chaos! Oh well.

    Warm regards,