Thursday, August 18, 2011

cutsy character purse

Can't sleep again so I decided to put the finishing touches on an up-cycled purse I've been working on. I started out with a small hard plaid purse with a ripped handle, a thrift store find for 1.25.  Since the purse was covered in fabric I was able to paint over it. To get rid of the plaid I painted two layers or light gray, than a matalic silver.  When painting a grouping of cutsy characters always start with the biggest and work forward. For example I started with big purpleand pink hearts them moved to the larger sun,rainbow, ice-cream cone, and orange circle. From there it was stars, candies, popsicles and animals. Last are all the little hearts that fill up any large blank spaces. Save painting the black outlines and faces till the last otherwise you will waist allot of time on details that could be covered up with other images.  I have to say I wonder what the neighbors thought of me on the front porch sealing this little purse with acrylic spray paint at 11:00 pm.  .  I think I need to make some cute heart and star beads from clay for the handle.

1 comment:

  1. That is adorable :) I was gonna say some rainbow ribbon or those supper long shoe laces in bright colors would make a nice handle, but the beads would be good too :) If it's a short handle. If you want an over the shoulder strap, maybe a combo of both material and beads?

    And yeah, I often wonder what my neighbors think seeing me perched on my fire escape spray painting at odd hours lol