Monday, August 15, 2011

extreme couponing adventure

So awesome, I watched extreme couponing and thought no way, but I will dedicate a few hours and see.  So I went to The krazy coupon lady web site and checked it out. I decided to just go to one place, Walgreens its close and there was even a detailed layout on how to get 55.00 in merchandise for less than 5.00.  the only problem was it needed coupons from past Sunday circulars I did not have . So I followed the links to printing coupons online and printed off about 25 coupons of things I actually use. checked out the circular from Walgreens and searched for manufacture coupons on sale items, clipped yesterdays paper coupons, and believe it or not I purchased 56.00 in products I will actually used for only 17.00/ four bags of toiletries and groceries. And I have vouchers for 8.00 towards my next purchase. I am now a coupon addict!

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