Monday, August 8, 2011

This is what happens when I can't sleep.

Racing thoughts often keep me up at night, sometimes I take a happy pill and some nights I clean like a mad women but occasionally I have the over whelming need to craft. So, last night I finally finished a piece I had been playing with and putting down forever. I love Red coral, but to be environmentally conscious I decided to make my own branch from polymer clay.  I created the main focal by smoothed out coils of red clay wrapped around a wire armature. Pretty cultured pearls dangle from the limbs and a cacophony of vintage and new beads hang on multiple chains.  Pretty shells that are drilled with my trusty dremmel are hung with chain fringe. And the connector is a lovely pearly shell that I drilled to hang a large wire loop inside to connect everything together (to stabilize the loop I stuffed the shell with a mixture of soft paper fiber and glue).  I used antique silver, gold, and copper chains in different patterns to further add character. I'm happy with this piece and look forward to test driving it (wear it out).

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